Problem Statement 5: Safer the Better. How do we make the future EV a safer mode of transport?

Safety is always a concern behind the wheels. It is a desired expectation from any conventional vehicle. In addition to active and passive safety norms, EVs have to meet additional safety requirements due to the flow of high power to provide mobility. With the engine being replaced by a battery and a motor, their placement/positioning for minimum crash impact is an area of great interest. The issues related to overheating, outgassing, short circuits, fire and many other parameters inside and outside the vehicle must be addressed to make an EV safer.
With electric vehicles still in their emerging stage, there is a lot to explore and experience. But we should not wait for the experience to bring in the right safety concepts.
Anticipate the potential danger areas in an EV, device innovative cost-effective solutions to address the same.


Keywords: Safer mobility, Crash Worthiness, Short-Circuiting